The performance “The Symposium of the Gods” is a dreamlike journey to discover the greek myth; it tells a tale beyond time, a dream dreamed 2600 years ago. A story which survived in our imagination until our days.


Simposio degli Dei

In front of the ancient and majestic greek temples of Agrigento, under a setting summer sun, strange figures suddenly appear. They’re impalpable as white shadows, yet real like marble statues: they are the characters of the greek myth.

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“Symposium of the Gods” is a show in three acts with lunch or dinner subject to availability of seats and tickets.


Simposio degli Dei

Divine enjoyment. In the Symposium of the Senses, men and Gods feed on ineffable delights and drink together to bring harmony, music and joy to each other’s hearts.

The Greek legacies of our cuisine return to the palate to bring you divine tastes and drinks. The convivial gestures of the Symposium are underpinned by an intense zest for life. An intoxicating experience of smells and tastes sprinkled with wine nectar.

Discover the exclusive menu thought for you by our Chef Rosario Matina.


Simposio degli Dei

- Access to the venue is not allowed before the scheduled time. Guests will not be ademitted if later that 15 minutes after the show starts.
- The venue has a large parking area close to the building.
- Informal clothing and comfortable shoes are recommended.
- The ticket price is €75.00 per guest (reduced tickets kids up to 12 years old €50.00).
- The show is not suitable for children under the age of 6.
- Pets are not allowed.
- Ticket are available for online purchase with the following credit cards: VISA, AMEX, Mastercard, Maestro.

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Unique atmosphere

A passion that burns in a timeless space.


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